NPP688GP Glitter Paste

◇ Non-Tacky.◇ Excellent washing fastness.

NPP-688-W White Rubber Paste

NPP-688-W is the white paste for printing usage which is mainly applied for general fabrics (Cotton, Polyester, Nylon,…etc.) in dark color. It provides excellent opacity, speciall ...

NPP-688-FRW Fireproof White Paste

◇ Excellent washing fastness.◇ Good elasticity and soft feel.◇ Good opacity.◇ Superior fireproofing effect, provides better result while works with fire retardant fabric.◇ Mixing ...

NPP-688-CKW Chapping White Paste

NPP-688-CKW is a white paste for printing, and developed to create irregular cracked texture on surface after curing. BW-1800 is not only easy to operate but also a good paste to ...

NPP-541-W White Rubber Paste for Nylon

NPP-541-W is the white paste for printing usage which is mainly applied for general fabrics (cotton, Polyester, Nylon…etc.). It provides excellent adhesive fastness and elasticity ...

NPP-541-FT Foiling Transfer Paste

NPP-541-FT is a self cross-linking type PU copolymer hot-melt glue. It is a reactive type emulsion providing high linking and high density properties, specially suitable for impri ...

NPP-6150 Anti-Foiling Paste

NPP-6150 is a water based paste which can efficiently isolate the staining on printing paste that caused by foiling.

NPL-9800-EW Eco White Plastisol Ink

NPL-9800-EW is an eco-friendly plastisol white paste, Phthalates free and able to comply with various ECO requirements. Printing easily, suitable to be applied for varieties of fa ...

NPL-9800-JC 3D Jelly Clear Plastisol Ink

◇ High Transparency, High Brightness. ◇ Cured at higher temperature for better effect

DE-657 Discharge Agent

DE-657 is a discharge liquid, mainly applied for cotton discharge usage.

DE-654 Discharge Granule

DE-654 is a gray discharge granule specially suitable for jeans